D&RGW K-36 #489 taking on water at the Chama water tank.


We would like to invite any attendees to present a clinic at the symposium, please download and fill out the form below. Clinics should be on either Sn3 or Narrow Gauge or Modeling but may not be limited to those subjects. Clinics should be around 55 minutes including question period. If your clinic is longer, then it will be presented in two clinic time periods. A clinician may be asked to do their clinic twice during the symposium. If you wish to present more than one clinic, please download and fill out a separate form for each clinic. There will be a table, with two chairs, a laptop computer with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint, a digital projector, projector screen, and a laser pointer. Because of time constraint, presentations should be received before the beginning of the symposium so that they can be tested and ready. Due to limited technical help, individual computers/laptops cannot be used.

Clinic Request Form

2020-clinic-request (pdf)



San Juan Passenger Service

By Stan Rhine

Oil Service On The D&RGW

By Bill Horky

Using The Friends Photo Collection

By Wes Pfarner

Rotary Snow Plows on the Narrow Gauge

By Tony Kassin

Brass Locomotive Modifications

By Fuzzy Anstine

Making Trains & Layouts Look & Run Better

By Bill Busacca

Alishan Railway

By Bill Hobbs

On Going Clinics in the Vender Area

Tree Making

John McKenzie

Friends Of The C&TS

Jim Tennant

If you have any questions

Sn3 Symposium, Albuquerque, NM 2020